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BVB IA Waterloo player kicks the ball
  • Weekend Preview

  • By League1 Ontario staff 05/19/2023, 11:00am EDT
  • We look ahead to the weekend’s League1 Ontario action, including some big tests for this seasons surprise packages.
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Electric City player runs with ball
  • ON the net

  • By League1 Ontario staff 05/17/2023, 9:30am EDT
  • An internet view of L1O featuring Hamilton United, Electric City, Windsor City, Tecumseh and L1O alumni.
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Windsor City squad picture
  • ON the net

  • By League1 Ontario staff 05/10/2023, 6:15am EDT
  • An internet view of L1O featuring Windsor City, Alliance United, Electric City, Burlington, Vaughan Azzurri and L1O alumni.
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ProStars player shoots at goal
  • 2023 Men’s Premier Division preview

  • By League1 Ontario staff 04/10/2023, 8:00am EDT
  • In a season where every point matters, here’s the state play for all 21 clubs as we embark on a new year of Men’s Premier Division soccer.
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Alliance United and Blue Devils play with CN Tower in background
  • Weekly Rewind

  • By League1 Ontario staff 05/16/2023, 10:15am EDT
  • Big wins and plenty of goals in League1 Ontario this week as we head into the second quarter of the season.
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NDC Ontario players smiling

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