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2018 League1 Ontario All-Star Lineups Announced Ahead Of Saturday Marquee Vs PLSQ

By League1 Ontario staff, 06/29/18, 4:30PM EDT


The 2018 League1 Ontario Women's and Men's All-Star matches take place this Saturday July 30 (5 & 8 p.m.) at Centre Sportif Bois-de-Boulogne in Montreal vs. the PLSQ All-Stars.

"We are extremely excited for the second edition of the PLSQ vs League1 Ontario All Star series and this year is extra special as PLSQ has launched its own women's league, which creates a natural, friendly rivalry for women’s division," said League1 Ontario Commissioner, Dino Rossi.

"These two matches will serve as an outstanding showcase platform for the best male and female players in both League1 and PLSQ," he added. 

"Whether it's scouts from the CPL for the men, or representatives from European clubs who have shown a keen interest in our top female players, people are watching these matches with great interest."

Recently having faced each other for the first time in a revamped version of the Canadian Championship, the PLSQ and League1 Ontario demonstrated a strong ability to produce high level competition, and culture a necessary showcase division III environment for prospects looking to break into the full-time professional levels. 

"I think people in the soccer community are now beginning to understand that the level of play in PLSQ and League1 is very high, as witnessed in the opening rounds of the Canadian Championship," agreed Rossi.

These All-Star matches will feature, by and large, the best of the best of both leagues."

"Selecting these All-Star teams is always a very difficult process, but with the talent at our disposal, we are confident that we will put on a good show."

The technical staff for both teams has also been announced. 

League1 Ontario Men's And Women's All-Star Technical Staff:

Head Coach: Michael Marcoccia (FC London); Assistant Coach: Ramin Mohammadi (Durham United FA); Assistant Coach: Eugene Alves (Darby FC); Team Managers: Johnny Stancati, Irene Halis