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Match Recap: North Mississauga SC 0 - 2 Sigma FC

By League1 Ontario staff, 10/01/17, 11:00PM EDT


Giuliano Frano (22') and Johnny Grant (58') scored while Triston Henry took the clean sheet as Sigma FC blanked North Mississauga SC 2-0 and kept the pressure on Oakville Blue Devils in the final days of the men's west division competition. 

"I'm happy with three points today," said Sigma head coach, Bobby Smyrnitotis. 

"It was a difficult day won. I think the guys' levels were a little but more relaxed today and maybe that was based on our last two games we had. We scored a lot of goals and coming into this one, sometimes the mentality stays level."

"Another thing we talked about after the game is that if we see an opportunity to be a champion, we have to win our games and hope for the best on the other end. So we have to win our games and it has to be better in the next game."

Sigma must now look ahead to Oakville's match on Sunday against Sanjaxx and their final match of the season on Wednesday versus Woodbridge and hope their rival drops points at the top. Oakville needs only 56 points to clinch the title and get do so with a win and a draw in those two matches. If a window opens for Sigma, they have matches against TFC III and Windsor TFC Stars in which they will hope they can make up the points gap. 

On the other hand, North Mississauga ends their season on 29 points and fifth in the men's west division. Head coach Sam Medeiros talked about his team's progress over the year, and plans for 2018.

"I made a statement a few times already, not being arrogant or cocky, and I have admitted this to the players," he said. "Next year we will win the league championship or the league cup."

"I am not just blowing in the wind. I am already doing my prep work. The youth we have in the club in the u-16 and the u-21's will be a good group. We have our u-17 who are going to nationals, and we have a good core group of players."  

"I was given a bag of goods [at North Miss] it was a whole new group from last year, new sponsors, new players, so it was basically starting from scratch and a lot of good people supporting me... it made it a lot easier for me, but a lot of work. But next year, I think it will be a whole different boat."

Sigma FC will next play Toronto FC III on October 5 at Hershey Centre, Mississauga.