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Match Recap: FC London 7 - 1 Unionville Milliken SC

By League1 Ontario staff, 09/24/17, 9:15PM EDT


Jade Kovacevic (4', 7', 27', 37') showed why she is both the defending and current leader Golden Boot winner, scoring four goals to propel FC London to 7-1 win over Unionville Milliken SC.  

"I think it was important for us to get tonight's result and put us in better standing," said FC London head coach, Mike Marcoccia. "We did some different things on the pitch tonight and were able to execute a different gameplan than normal. I was very happy with that." 

(Photo: SGL 247 MEDIA)

The win puts London one point away from the 2017 League1 Ontario title, their second in two seasons, but the club play their closest rival in the standings - North Mississauga - in the next match. 

"Our situation is that we must win one of the next two games to win the league," said Marcoccia. "Our next opponent, North Mississauga, is a very tough opponent so I think that game is going to be extremely difficult." 

A brace from Nicole Neilsen (33', 62') and a single from Chelsea Zavitz (66') completed the scoring quotient for London, while former Canada program player Shana Flynn (53') scored a consolation goal for Unionville.  

"We were undermanned today, a lot of little set-backs," said Unionville assistant coach, Glenn Faulknor. 

Unionville Milliken SC (Photo: SGL 247 MEDIA)

"The players just came out and had fun and did the best they could under the circumstances." 

"I wanted to win the second half," he added. "It didn't turn out, but we got a goal to show for it."

The evening was marked by a touching tribute to local player and starting team mainstay, Denise Fortin, who played her last home match and will retire at the end of the season. 

"The big thing tonight is that Denise Fortin got the proper sending-off," said Marcoccia. "She's my mentor and role model and has been for a long time."

"I looked up to her for years and to have the honour to coach her in her last season was amazing. To see the reaction of London tonight for her was so cool. Not a lot of players at this level get that type of support and sending-off from their community."

FC London (Photo: SGL 247 MEDIA)

Fortin was herself very touched by the tribute, and yet remained humble and positive about the future. 

"It was incredible and felt kind of surreal," she said. "It was extremely emotional. Unbelieveable."

"Being able to play at this level at this time in my life is pretty incredible and honestly I would say that this club is one of the best to play for in Canada. It's just incredible from Ian the owner to the game-day people. We're cared for, we're loved and to have a chance to come and play here each weekend at the Cove is just incredible." 

FC London will next play North Mississauga SC on September 30 at Hershey Centre, Mississauga. 

Unionville Milliken SC will next play Sanjaxx Lions on September 30 at Monarch Park, Toronto.