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Match Recap: Sanjaxx Lions 1 - 4 Woodbridge Strikers

By League1 Ontario staff, 08/29/17, 11:15AM EDT


Ukraine U18 player Nicole Kozlova (31', 39', 54') got a hattrick in only twenty-three minutes to help lead Woodbridge Strikers to a 4-1 defeat of Sanjaxx Lions.

"Last game we played Sanjaxx we had the older players here," said Woodbridge head coach, Dave Porco. 

"Obviously when you go from players that are high level to those that are still in development, you are going to get that. Next games are again going to be an experience. We're going to play the young kids and we're not too concerned about the results at this point. It's about getting them experience and for them it is a highlight to play in these games, so it makes me happy." 

Dianna Da Rocha (61') added a single for the Strikers, while Sanjaxx's Emily Bain (84') got a late consolation marker. Sanjaxx assistant coach Devon Porter said the scoreline did not reflect his team's performance. 

"The result to me doesn't reflect how we play because you can see that we came to play and we did play," he explained. "We are a finesse team, we come to play football. We are a good club and we deserve some respect." 

"We improve as we go, and when you look at it if we took our chances in the first half it could have been an even game. The score could have been 4-4, it could have been 4-3, it could have been anything." 

"We are missing a few players like the older players," he added, "so we come to play a disciplined game and tell the girls to pick their moments, just not to run into things and get into trouble."

"You have to make the middle of the park very strong, very compact and that is what they did, but at the end of it they failed to runout the final balls and to get close to goal. All in all we will work at it and see what we can do for next season. This is what we can do after this process, we can work now on going forward." 

Sanjaxx Lions will next play FC London on September 9 at German Canadian Club, London.

Woodbridge Strikers will next play Darby FC on September 8 at Whitby Soccer Centre, Whitby.