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Match Recap: Sanjaxx Lions 0 - 1 West Ottawa SC

By League1 Ontario staff, 08/21/17, 5:45PM EDT


West Ottawa SC moved into fifth spot in the women's division after a goal from Arielle Kabangu (78') and a clean sheet by Mollie Eriksson made for a 1-0 result over Sanjaxx Lions.

"I thought it was good in parts but I thought we didn't play up to our potential," said West Ottawa assistant coach, Kwame Telemaque. 

"It was slow and lethargic and although we got the result it wasn't one of our better performances."

It was a tight game between the two sides, with Sanjaxx relying on a young cast and looking to keep their defensive lines in order. 

"We have some younger players and we try to take a look at them to move forward for next year and future years," explained Sanjaxx head coach, Devon Porter. 

"This is how we build our system, we build to go forward. We don't want to be stagnant in this game, we have to be current. It paid off as the young players are getting more confidence and you can see they are learning and getting more experience." 

"Shape and compaction," he added, speaking to the defensive guidelines.  

"They have to learn how to keep the middle of the park tight. We are not concerned about players going wide and preventing crosses, we want to keep the middle tight and let nothing through the middle of the park. If you can keep the middle tight, everything will be alright."

"That's the way I learned the game, and that's the way I coach the game."

For West Ottawa, the search for an elusive change of gear in possession was the focus. 

"We are working on controlling games, in terms of tempo and choosing the right times to keep the ball and when to go forward," said West Ottawa's Telemaque. 

"We are getting it right in stretches but it would be great to see it on display for the full ninety minutes. We are slowly getting there." 

Sanjaxx Lions will next play Woodbridge Strikers on August 27 at Monarch Park, Toronto.

West Ottawa SC will next play Aurora FC on August 25 at Beckwith Park, Ottawa.