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#L1Cup2017 Women's Final Recap: Woodbridge Strikers 1 - 6 FC London

By League1 Ontario staff, 08/08/17, 10:30AM EDT


FC London claimed the #L1Cup2017 Women's Championship on Sunday in emphatic form, beating Woodbridge Strikers 6-1 in front of several hundred supporters at the Ontario Soccer Centre.

"I rate our performance overall, very high," said FC London head coach, Mike Marcoccia. 

"I gave them a complex game plan tonight, which changed about four times throughout the match. I think they were really professional tonight to be able to take a complex game plan that changed so much in ninety minutes and get a result like that."

Ashley Campbell (Photo: Martin Bazyl)

Ashley Campbell (14', 46') and Marisa Oliveira (73', 89') each scored braces, while Jade Kovacevic (19') and Kaila Novak (78') added singles on a day when London's offence was irresistable.

"Goals are always on the agenda for us. Obviously it is an important part of the game, but we don't sit back - we press high," said Marcoccia. 

"Obviously our number one is to never concede, and that is important too. Ashley [Campbell] was on fire tonight in front of goal, she scored a wonderful goal, Marisa [Oliveira] as well," he added. 

"And then you look at Jade [Kovacevic] who only scored one goal but was completely and utterly unstoppable, and created so many chances. Then even you have 15 year old Kaila [Novak] comes off the bench and decides to score a goal, I think things were going for us and they worked for sure." 

(Photo: Martin Bazyl)

Lindsay Appleton (83') clawed one back for Woodbridge late in the game, marking a period of sustained pressure for the Strikers, but the prospect of mounting a five goal comeback in under ten minutes would prove to be an impossible feat. 

"We started today with five in the back because we realized that Jade - even though she didn't score as much as she usually does - is an outstanding player and she just goes by people," said Woodbridge head coach, Dave Porco. 

"When we realized that didn't work, we just went to a back four and we went for it. We were down 3-0 at half and I thought, let's go for it and see if we can come back." 

#L1Cup2017 SoccerX.Com MVP: Denise Fortin (Photo: Martin Bazyl)

In her last game for the club, London's lynchpin in the midfield - defensive midfielder Denise Fortin - was chosen as the #L1Cup2017 MVP.

"A big part for us is the tactical approach and we base most of what we do tactically around Denise and the role that she plays in our team," said Marcoccia.

"Denise, for me, was the best player on the pitch today on both teams simply because her pass percentage was next to perfect, her turnover rate... I honestly don't remember her turning over the ball," he added. 

"We actually had a gamplan to give her the ball under pressure, to try and draw in pressure, and to not make mistakes when our gameplan was actually to give her the ball under pressure was just phenomenal."

"It was Mike's idea to bring me in at the age of 31," said Fortin. 

"I thought he was crazy, but he believed in me and I think coming to play was one of the best decisions I've ever made, like I love these people, I love my team and I love my coach. Coming in sacrificing the time and energy day-to-day to train and play, it was just a blast and amazing. It has been an incredible ride. I'm very blessed to be here."

#L1Cup2017 Women's Champions: FC London (Photo: Martin Bazyl)

Both London and Woodbridge had difficult paths to the #L1Cup2017 final, with London needing to topple the defending champions Vaughan, and Woodbridge proving to be the comeback specialists.

"It was a challenge to get here," said Porco. 

"We had to come back in the semis and the quarters to win the games and it's unfortunate that, as I was teasing my manager, we have a community team. So, in other words, every week we are looking for players to play and it is kind-of challenging to get them to play together. But I am proud of them, they played well, we made it to the final and the young girls learned a lot today."

"First round we played Aurora, who if you look at the standings and results will see they are a very tricky side," said Marcoccia. 

"They have some extremely talented players as well. We were successful at home to Aurora and then the next two matches were Durham and Vaughan. If you ask me, Durham is one of if not the best team in the league right now. Not just their results but just to play against them, they are a lights-out an incredible squad."

"So to go past Durham, and then Vaughan who are always a powerhouse squad, I think was the hardest road possible to the final. So I'm happy that the girls were rewarded with that tonight."