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Match Recap: Toronto Azzurri Blizzard 1 - 2 West Ottawa SC

By League1 Ontario staff, 07/03/17, 5:15PM EDT


West Ottawa SC leaped into second place in the women's 2017 League1 Ontario table after Vanessa Macmillan (3') finished one of the team's trio of chances and Melissa Baynes (50') potted a penalty to defeat Toronto Azzurri Blizzard 2-1. 

"It was always going to be a tough game for us," said West Ottawa assistant coach, Kwame Telemanque. 

"We played yesterday against another team and it was always going to be a tough game physically for us. Our pre-game preparation was basically the mental aspect, getting that desire to start well and go get the points - and they did." 

Vanessa MacMillan (Photo: Martin Bazyl)

Ottawa relied on a strong defendand counter system that created only three shots on target in the entire match, but the visitors were clinical by dispatching one of them. 

"That was our thing," agreed Telemanque.

"We didn't have the energy to go toe to toe with them in terms of fatigue from yesterday." 

"We have always said that we have the talent to go at people and create something in one v one situations, it was just making sure we defended well and collectively as well."

Diamond Simpson (Photo: Martin Bazyl)

Diamond Simpson (30') finished a penalty for the Blizzard at the half-hour mark to force the game into a tense late period, with the home side clearly getting the larger share of possession and attacking chances, but Ottawa held on to the lead. 

"I think if you look at the point of League1, it is development," said Blizzard head coach, Joe Parolini. 

"And according to our high attacking statistics for shots, corners, opportunities etc. - we are a very good team. If we had no chances then I would worry. So this is about teaching the kids how to take chances, how to correctly put in corners, taking advantage of opportunities to shoot from distance." 

"I thought we dominated the game and I think the opposition was fortunate to get out of here with the points," he added. "The game was decided on a penalty, which may be a matter of perspective."

Toronto Azzurri Blizzard will next play Vaughan Azzurri on July 9 at Azzurri Village, Toronto.

West Ottawa SC will next play Unionville Milliken SC on June 14 at Beckwith Turf, Ottawa.