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Adjei Double The Difference As Aurora Ends Season With 4-2 Defeat Of Masters

By League1 Ontario staff, 10/06/16, 1:00PM EDT


Aurora's Simon Adjei (22', 85') added a double to a Niklas Seldel (6') opener, with Niklas Theodorakakis (51') contributing a single, for Aurora to finish their season with a 4-2 win over Masters FA. 

"Overall we were very pleased with our performance, considering the number of young players we had in the squad today," said Aurora assistant coach, Dave Di Placido. 

"I think we had eight 1999s, and I thought they did quite well. They were some of the better players on the field today. We had four or five of the regulars, and the rest were a younger group of players. There were a lot of mistakes from both teams, but for the most part it was good. We addressed the group at half-time, we settled down a bit after that, and had a strong second half to the game." 

Levonte Johnson (11') and Tyrell Rayne (50') scored for Masters, but the team left at the final whistle to reflect on missed opportunities.   

"We started well, but we just couldn't finish today. We had our chances, most games we do, but it just takes us a while to get going and get goals sometimes. We just focus and we go down, and then we go down again. We played decent, but we just couldn't finish today and we held back a bit."

With the match marking Aurora's final outing in their debut season, and solidifying a sixth place finish, the moment was ripe for Di Placido to reflect upon and speculate about the club's development trajectory.

"This season as a whole was a bit challenging really, and we had some troubles with players and the group overall, but I think we learned quite a bit this season about creating a large pool of players, drawing on U21 and U18/ U17 program," he said.  

"I think we've learned a pretty good lesson from a club and coaching standpoint and I think we can bring that into next year and have an overall stronger season."

Masters' Emmanuel also had some thoughts on what Masters could do to improve on their eighth position finish. 

"For next year, hopefully some of the guys can stay together - those coming out of school and whatnot - and just keep working hard," he said.  

"The core is getting better every season and hopefully next season we finish mid-table. We just have goals to finish mid-table or above mid-table. Whatever the case may be, hopefully it works out and I wish the team the best."