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Sanjaxx Drops Pro Stars 5-0 At Terry Fox Stadium

By League1 Ontario staff, 09/26/16, 11:15AM EDT




Sanjaxx Lions had a decisive 5-0 victory over Pro Stars FC in matchweek 22, with goals arriving from Charles Jia (18', 42'), Timothy Cordova (87') and Rodrigo Libaque (58').

Sanjaxx clean sheet was earned by Emmanuel Aigbukor.

"We played well, defended well and we kept the clean sheet," said Sanjaxx's Jia. 

"Shout-out to our keeper Emmanuel for keeping the clean sheet as well," he added. "We'll take the three points and move on to the next game." 

Pro Stars were down to ten men at the half-time whistle following a dismissal to Courtney Mitchell-Smith (45 + 1'), while Jonathan Majoros added an own goal (80') late in the competition to compound frustrations for the home side.  

"Well we were trying to get into the flow of the game obviously, but it just wasn't happening," said Pro Stars head coach, Stiven Mikhail. 

"It was a little difficult for us to get the ejection out of our heads, and a lot of the players were playing with quite a bit of frustration. Our hardest job was trying to get them to think otherwise and get them motivated."

"In the second half, again there was no flow to the game and there was a lot of stoppages, so it was difficult for us to get much going and we couldn't come back from it," he concluded.