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MacDonald And Ngah Lead Nitros To 2-0 Win Over Aurora

By League1 Ontario staff, 09/26/16, 10:00AM EDT


Niba MacDonald (22') and Felix Ngha (70') led the way for Nitros, combined with the clean sheet earned by keeper Connor Bullen, en route to a 2-0 win over hosts, Aurora United FC. 

"We played a really good game today," said MacDonald. "We have been working on some many things at practice, to build out of the back and play high pressing. I think it really paid off for us today."

"The positivity of our play was really good as well, and I'm proud of the guys."

Nitros were not intimidated on the road, ensuring possession of the ball as much as possible and demonstrating a confidence and defensive integrity that has been a hallmark of play during their debut League1 Ontario season.  

"We've been very focused on building from the back and trying to move forward - that has been our gameplan the whole season," continued MacDonald. 

"My goal was a penalty, and I just had to put it in to boost the team. I'm just happy we were victorious in the game."

Aurora found it difficult to penetrate the North Toronto defence, and tensions were evident in late match play.

"Frustration gets to players eventually," said Aurora coach Arman Mohammadi. 

"It was a good ninety minute battle, and then a couple calls went the other way and some players got angry and released in certain ways. When you're down two nothing in the ninetieth minute, tempers can boil over a little bit, but thankfully it didn't get excessive."

"We were able to build and had some chances to expose but we weren't able to execute that," he added. "We had the right action, but weren't able to maintain it throughout the game, and credit to North Toronto - they came and did what they had to do."

"They had the ball for the majority of the time, and I think they deserved to win."

Despite the loss, there were some positives for Aurora, as they were able to draft through some young talent late in the match. 

"We were able to get the young players involved in the second half so that is a positive aspect of the game and for the club," said Mohammadi. 

"These are our U17 players getting a taste of League1, and that is what this league is about at this stage. You want to bring players from within your club and give them a taste of this action because this is what their goal should be for now so that they can move on to higher levels."