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North Miss Makes It Eleven Wins In Sixteen Following 5-2 Result Over Pro Stars

09/22/2016, 4:45pm EDT
By League1 Ontario staff

Mann Slewa (11') gave Pro Stars a great start away to North Miss, but the Panthers hammered in three strikes within six minutes to take a commanding lead into the half-time break thanks to Jordan Montoya (33'), Austin Bryan (36') and Jose De Sousa (39').

Slewa (70') attempted to initiate a second half comeback with his second of the match finding the mark with only twenty minutes to go, but North Miss' Montoya (82') also made sure of his own brace, before striker Nordo Gooden (90 + 2') finished off a five goal night for the Panthers.

"It's like we've been saying all season," said Pro Stars head coach, Stiven Mikhail. "We have to get used to teams pressing us, and getting out of any situation."

"We always say, 'when they press use that long ball and make them run both ends, tire them out and then we can start playing out game.' Again, we will have to relearn that lesson again after today."

Pro Stars have had a number of late season personnel changes, and Mikhail said it has been difficult to sustain the quality and energy needed to get results. 

"We did get affected [by players leaving] of course," he said. "I felt we brought in some players who had a little experience, especially at the League1 level."

"But we are slowly gelling and you can see us keeping up with these top clubs. But its hard for new guys and nearing the end of the season there are a lot of tired legs."

North Miss' head coach, Rick Titus, was impressed with another strong performance by his team, yet disappointed that they cannot get rewarded with a top of the division finish.

"I'm actually very happy that we still have a full team," he said. "And we have players who are still happy to play and come on and play for the team and participate."

"Unfortunately we don't have a chance to be first. But I think this says a lot about our character, it says a lot about our love for the game. I think we've also gained a bit of a bond over the season."

"I think its worked in our favour to stay together and work together because in the beginning of the season we didn't have a lot of time to prepare. So I am just regretting the fact that we didn't have the time to prepare the way I would've liked to."

"But other than that I'm happy where we right now, maybe we a chance to creep into second. I dont know!"

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