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Lions Take Down Oakville Blue Devils 2-1 At Sheridan College

09/19/2016, 3:45pm EDT
By Kacian Whyte

Sanjaxx Lions took all three points after a comfortable victory over Oakville Blue Devils on September 18.

Oakville was unable to find the back of the net for much of this tense match, and it was not until Roman Young was taken out in the box in the 89' that allowed for Judah Hernandez to put away the blues' only goal with a well struck penalty.

Oakville's attacking duo Felipe Vilela and Kody Ellis led the charge, and with assistance from Anthony Doran and Macca Wilde plenty of chances were created, but none able to bare fruit.

"If you don't score goals, you don't win points, and we missed a lot of chances," stated Duncan Wilde. "When things are going your way they go in, when they are not they don't." 

Two goals in the first half by Timothy Cordova (39') from a deflection and Nathan Clayton (45') from a cross proved to be enough for the Lions to claim the victory.

Sanjaxx keeper Tayjon Campbell also played a pivotal position in this victory as he stopped attempt after attempt. The Lions' defence was helpless against Vilela and Ellis as they found themselves in front of the net going head-to-head with Campbell more often than expected.

"The Sanjaxx goalkeeper played a great game, he made some fantastic saves and earned them the points, which they deserved," said Wilde.

"We go again with them on Thursday, we will be playing several new players, young players that haven't played yet, so it will be a very young team up on Thursday and we are looking forward to it," he concluded.

Oakville takes on Sanjaxx Lions on Thursday September 22, 2016 at Monarch Park Stadium for a 9 p.m. kick-off.

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