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Carracciolo Brace Guides Junior Reds To 4-0 Win Over Sanjaxx

By League1 Ontario staff, 09/12/16, 12:15PM EDT


Toronto FC Academy picked up where they left off last week against Sanjaxx Lions, winning again 4-0 after strikes from Reshon Phillip (13'), Cyrus Rollocks (61') and a brace from Armando Caracciolo (77', 79').

TFCA's clean sheet was earned by keeper Brogan Engbers.

"It was always going to be a difficult game for both teams because of the previous result - we played last week and won 8-1," said TFCA head coach, Stuart Neely. 

"I'm more upset that we weren't able to deal with the surface well or play well, and I'm obviously always concerned about the protection of our players," he added, on a night where the weather threatened to end the contest prematurely. 

"But I thought our boys were able to get past all of that, and I thought their discipline on the night was decent given the environment that was out there a little bit." he added. 

TFCA eventually put the contest out of sight with three goals in the second half, but the match was close for the first hour and Sanjaxx had a number of counters that threatened to catch the Junior Reds out of position. 

"Overall I thought we dominated," said Neely. "We got caught on the counter a few times, but we dealt with it and we recovered. The keeper had one or two saves to make but overall I thought we deserved the result and it's good to see us come off with no goals against and a healthy group of players."

TFCA will enter their final two match set with some quality opposition ahead of them, but at this stage of the season Neely explained his side were primarily focused on achievements of a different type.  

"We now have two games left at home, one against FC London on the 18th and one against North Mississauga on October 2nd," he confirmed. "We're looking to continue on this trend and look to get some of our younger players in, moving some of our 16 year olds into USL training environment so we can bring up some of our 15 year olds and see how they do." 

"I think overall we are looking to maintain the same playing style and sticking to our principles, making sure the players are ready and able to move on to something better next season," he concluded. 

"If that means they are moving up to USL or moving on to NCAA, which has already happened for a lot of them, then I think we have had a decent year."