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North Miss Maintains Fourth Spot In Women's Division With 3-2 Defeat Of Kingston

By League1 Ontario staff, 08/21/16, 9:30PM EDT


North Miss women defeated visitors Kingston Clippers 3-2 on Saturday after a tight match that was won by North Miss' Cassandra Briscoe (50') courtesy of her early second half finish.   

Emily Rotterman (1') and Michaela Krampert (4') had the hosts off to a perfect start with goals within the first five minutes, but Kingston's Angela Lobo (13') and Jackie Tessier (45') levelled terms again by half-time.  

Both teams had a considerable number of new and reserve players in their ranks, but the technical staff on each team were generally happy with their performances.

"The girls have trained together for the whole season," said Kingston coach, Sean O'Brien. "We've kept our reserves and all our League1's together so they all know each other."

"But there were a few players in new positions so the early goals against us were - I don’t want to say - expected, but it was not surprising," he added. "But we knew we could come back into it and the girls are working very hard, all the girls we put into these games are."

North Mississauga assistant coach Trevor Bertrand was equally effusive in praise of his recruits.

"They played well together so I will play them going forward," he said. "Fortunately I got a player back who was supposed to be playing for Ryerson and I got Kat Rogers back so we have a little strength in the middle, and we should fortify it around them."

"We have climbed up to 20 points and we are satisfied with that and we have jumped into fourth and its looking good for the team."