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Sigma See Off Sanjaxx 2-0 After Goals From Stoddart, Alfazy

By League1 Ontario staff, 08/21/16, 7:00PM EDT


Justin Stoddart (19') and Mansoor Alfazy (60') scored for Sigma FC while the clean sheet was maintained by Triston Henry in a 2-0 win over Sanjaxx on Saturday.

"We were telling the guys to keep things simple and move the ball around a little bit more, try and keep our legs fresh for later in the game," said Sigma head coach, John Zervos. 

"We wanted to manage the game as we normally would, not changing anything, but just giving the guys confidence, keeping possession, and creating chances in the final third with good football actions."

Despite the gap in points between Sigma (the first place team in the west division) and Sanjaxx (the seventh place team in the west), the contest was a close one.

"I think we played well against them," said Sanjaxx player, Hilliard Serrao. "I think we have improved recently, although the coach left so that has been a big thing for us, but I think we did pretty well today."

"We have played them before and I think a lot of their older players have left, so they have a young team and I thought we played them pretty well," he added. "It was a close game."

Sigma FC had a number of new players on the pitch after much of their personnel returned to college and university programs, but the team functioned smoothly on the day. Zervos explained how Sigma prepares for the squad turnover. 

"Usually we try and get some of our younger players in early on to just gel with the group and try to get things going. That pushes them in one sense, but it's also about slowly getting them minutes and responsibilities and then as we get later into the season we give them more responsibilities."

Sigma remain top in the west with the result, on 38 points from 18 matches. FC London is hot on their heels however, with 34 points from only 15 matches. Both teams face an anxious runout to the 22 match season to determine who will enter the League1 Ontario 2016 final against the winner of the east division.