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North Miss Women Take Over Fourth After 2-0 Win Over Sanjaxx

By League1 Ontario staff, 08/14/16, 9:15PM EDT


North Miss leapfrogged Vaughan Azzurri into fourth position in the women's division standings after Sarah McIntosh (14') and Balpreet Bal (28') provided the goals, and Vanessa Fiore the clean sheet, en route to a 2-0 win over Sanjaxx Lions on Saturday. 

"Obviously it went well for us, but the weather was a factor," said North Miss assistant coach, Trevor Bertrand.

"It was windy, rain, thunderstorms, they had to shut the game down and the girls had to restart. Fortunately enough we got two goals, which we just held onto."

After lighting hit close to the pitch, the match was postponed for a 30 minute delay before a restart. Both sets of coaching staff felt the delay disrupted their teams' focus and performance. 

"They did come back as strongly as they were before," said Bertran. "Also I had a number of girls that came up so I tried to get them into the game, and the flow wasn't the same because of the changes." 

"When the game stopped because of the rain, a lot of girls after waiting half an hour in the cold didn't even want to play anymore," said Sanjaxx assistant coach, Jalen Simms. 

"That is natural obviously, but we got back out there and we did what we could. We got back into drive after a few minutes of getting warm again, and I thought we moved the ball very well - we just couldn't finish."

Despite the lack of goals for, Sanjaxx's Simms felt the team had a much better showing than the scoreboard reflected. 

"I think in the first half we came out pretty strong, but unfortunately the weather was really bad and the wind was going right against us so it made it hard to judge balls that were coming towards us, and as well moving the ball forward off of goalkicks and stuff like that," she said.  

"I think that we did perform really well, we kept the ball in our possession for the majority of the half, I just think we need to calm down and play a little bit slower. We were at times moving the ball too quickly and not keeping possession, just in a rush. I would say we need to slow down a little bit and don't shoot just to shoot - shoot to score."