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Woodbridge Declaws North Mississauga Panthers With 7-0 Victory

06/27/2016, 6:15pm EDT
By League1 Ontario staff

Christabel Oduro (18', 65'), Jessica Lisi (26', 28') and Mikayla Dayes (86', 90') got braces en route to a 7-0 Woodbridge win over North Mississauga on Sunday.  

Goalkeeper Hope Sabadash earned the clean sheet, while Lisa Pecheresky (45') completed the seven goal haul. 

"I think we've been working really hard four/five times a week," said Woodbridge head coach, Joe Parolini. "The girls knew this was the last game for three of their players. Katherine Herron is going to SMU, and Lisa and Jess going to Memphis."

"Will we miss those three? Absolutely," he added. "They are three key components to our team with experience. But its a passing of the baton."

North Mississauga head coach Jhon Ardila was clearly unhappy with the performance of North Mississauga, and felt his team couldn't get the ball down to play their way out of trouble. 

"One of the biggest let downs today was our first touch," he said. "Every ball we got, the first touch we gave it to them. That was a huge difference. That means we have to be fighting for the ball a second time, and they always seemed to win the second ball." 

Parolini was particularly impressed with the quality of the young Woodbridge players that took the pitch, especially as some of his senior players leave for university and pass on increased playing time and responsibilities to the young charges.

"The thing I like today was that when our 99's came on, and also one of the started and played the whole game - we didn't drop anything," he said. 

"So I think our program is working and it shows how the maturity of the older players is rubbing off on the young ones and the results are coming."

"I am proud of the integration of last year's '98s at this level, and now the '99s."

North Mississauga hosts FC London on July 9 (6 p.m.) at Hershey Centre 2, Mississauga. 

In a mouthwatering top-of-the-table clash, Woodbridge hosts league leaders FC London on July 3 (3:45 p.m.) at Vaughan Grove, Woodbridge.

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