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Vaughan And Woodbridge Settle In Scoreless Draw On Woman's Football Day

05/21/2016, 10:30pm EDT
By League1 Ontario staff

Photo: Martin Bazyl

In the late afternoon marquee match of the gala Women's Football Day at the Ontario Soccer Centre, neither Vaughan nor Woodbridge could get the upper hand in derby match that settled at 0-0. 

The afternoon had been full of special events for the Vaughan and Woodbridge youth teams, primarily showcasing girls teams in celebration of FIFA's second annual Women's Football Day. 

Weather conditions were humid and with little wind - the first true summer's day of 2016 - and players on the pitch appeared to be feeling the effects when it came to game time.   

"I thought it was just like the weekend, a holiday," said Woodbridge head coach, Joe Parolini. "We looked like we were in quicksand today, we didn't move at all fast."

"Vaughan defended well, they usually had ten behind the ball. We just didn't have our zip, they've been training hard and working hard, I don't know. We had some key players missing, but so did they. We just didn't have our usual pep."

Photo: Martin Bazyl

Parolini clearly felt helpless at the outcome, and had strong words for his players. 

"We have some experienced players here, and they have to think too about how they prepare for a match the day before, the night before," he added. "Sometimes it's not just up to the coach to give instructions, it's up to the players to take responsibilities." 

Vaughan ultimately shared possession with Woodbridge, but stayed true to the club style and looked to keep the ball as much as possible. 

"I thought it was a good football match overall," said Vaughan head coach, Carmine Isacco. "I thought we kept the ball well, our possession was very good. I thought we created some opportunities, but we needed to be better in the final third. Their back four was solid today. I thought we were okay, we just couldn't find the final finish."

"Defensively we dealt with their counters, and we dealt with the situations quite well. It would have been more satisfying if we got the win, but we played good soccer today for sure."

"We need to get sharper in the final third and create more opportunities as a group as well," he concluded.

Photo: Martin Bazyl

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