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L1O Webinar: Media Relations and Content with Richard Scott

By League1 Ontario, 07/20/20, 2:00PM EDT


League1 Ontario takes you behind the scenes to its “L1O Webinar” series – showing exclusive and informative discussions from some of Ontario’s greatest soccer minds. The above highlights were taken from a full presentation given to L1O coaches and administrators. To watch the webinar in full, click here.

In part 3 of League1 Ontario’s Webinar series, Canada Soccer Director of Communications Richard Scott spoke with L1O administrators and coaches about storytelling on a budget and how clubs can better tell their club's narrative online.

Scott discussed being nimble in a communications role, using assets like historical statistics, photo libraries and video access to better tell the story of a team.

"There is so much data out there now," Scott said. "It’s about to put the right pieces together to tell the story.

"Whoever is in charge of communications or who deals with content, has a good grasp with the storytelling tools, whether that be video or whatever."

Scott discussed defining a team vision and organizational goals as a content creator, always "going back to those key messages" when building a team’s communications plan.

"You’re part of a marketing team… sometimes one person is handling communications and marketing… so recognize every team will have a different situation."