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L1O Webinar: Sports Sciences & Training with Richard Bucciarelli

By Marty Thompson, 07/16/20, 10:30AM EDT


League1 Ontario takes you behind the scenes to its “L1O Webinar” series – showing exclusive and informative discussions from some of Ontario’s greatest soccer minds. The above highlights were taken from a full presentation given to L1O coaches and administrators. To watch the webinar in full, click here.

In part 2 of League1 Ontario’s Webinar series, PhD candidate Richard Bucciarelli spoke to League coaches and trainers about using sports science techniques in training.

Bucciarelli, who studies exercise science & bio-mechanics, shows coaches how to calculate player training – and how to optimize workouts using load patterns, high-intensity running patterns, and using cycles.

“The goal is to get your training high enough they can improve, but not so high they get injured,” Bucciarelli said. “Monitoring your training is a good way to look at that.”

Bucciarelli said many players in Ontario have, historically, not trained hard enough to find proper fitness levels.

“You need to understand training loads so you can prescribe them. That’s a big hurdle.”

To watch last week’s webinar, click here.