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L1O Webinars: Building future pros with Joey Lombardi

By League1 Ontario, 07/09/20, 1:45PM EDT


League1 Ontario takes you behind the scenes to its “L1O Webinar” series – showing exclusive and informative discussions from some of Ontario’s greatest soccer minds. The above highlights were taken from a full presentation given to L1O coaches and administrators. To watch the webinar in full, click here.

In part 1 of League1 Ontario’s Webinar series, Brampton SC director of player & coach development Joey Lombardi discussed player development leading into the FIFA 2026 World Cup in Canada, the US, and Mexico.

“This is about them taking control of their pathway,” Lombardi began. “When players are 18, moving into their team, this is what the game should look like to them.”

Lombardi, speaking to L1O coaches, prophesied that players must be more creative, have gerter problem-solving skills, and learn to play at pace in a modern game.

“They need that whistle-to-whistle performance,” Lombardi continued.

Lombardi also took a deeper look at leadership and building cultures in the modern game.

To watch the webinar in full, click here.