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Match Preview: Masters FA v Pro Stars FC

05/04/2019, 6:00pm EDT
By League1 Ontario staff

"It's our final match-up of #L1OKickoff2019 Day Two, and we'll wrap it up with a east v west GTA battle between two academy sides."

The sixth League1 Ontario season rolls out this weekend, featuring 15 matches across both men's and women's divisions. Come and see if you can pick out future Canadian stars!  

It's our final match-up of #L1OKickoff2019 Day Two, and we'll wrap it up with a east v west GTA battle between two academy sides.

Masters FA will host Pro Stars FC at L'Amoreaux, Toronto on Saturday May 4 (8 p.m.). 

League1 - Masters FA come into the 2019 season with some very good pickups, featuring several names that did quite well at previous League1 clubs. 

Will this be the year that this original League1 member finds a run of title-winning form?

Junior Groves (Owner) - Kyle Laborde-Ayres came off a successful League 1 season with North Toronto and went to Sweden for a year and had a successful stint but decided to expose himself to the CPL through Master’s FA. Kyle is an explosive goal scorer who when will have much success with our dynamic midfielders feeding him all season. Kyle is also a part of the Trinidad and Tobago National pool."

"Daniel Gosciniak is our number 1 goalkeeper and bleeds MFA. We worked with him to get his European experience and he was successful in Sweden for two years. He worked his way up to get some starts for Raslatt SK, then moved on to Bredaryd Lanna IK and did an excellent job before coming back home to showcase for the CPL."

"Anwar Al-Jawi will be a revelation to a lot of people in Canadian soccer this year. He has an explosive shot from distance so he should be high on our scoring chart. A brilliant play maker that has growing into his own and full of confidence and found a home to play vibrant soccer with the Saints."

"Stefan Nikolic came over from Sanjaxx, where he was a League1 All Star for two years in a row. Stefan joins a dynamic group of players and we expect his vision, creativity and left-footed power to get us some goals."

"Adam Czerkawaski should have been in the running for Defender of The Year last year but he got injured. Watch for this 1999 youngster that plays the game like he has been through two world cups as a German centre-back. He is a wonderful talent and sometimes we move him up in to the holding mid or wing back and he adapts like a pro."

Pro Stars come into 2019 with some strong players from 2018, and under the new leadership of Sam Medeiros, formerly of North Mississauga men's League1 team, the Brampton side have quite a bit to build upon. 

League1 -  Who are some players to highlight?

Sam Medeiros - "This is my first year with Pro Stars so I'm doing inventory and getting to know players. I've also brought some along and there are also some younger players coming through at Pro Stars." 

"There is a new keeper, Christian Campanico. He is a senior player. I think he'll add a lot of value coming out of the back and make up the spine. Very solid out of the back. A senior player with great distribution."

"There is another anchor player that has been with Pro Stars for a few years, Michael Borowski. Great knowledge for the game and excellent communication skills. I think he'll add a lot of confidence coming out from the back."

"There is a young player Sebastian Lopez, who was playing arena soccer. He is a very tricky player that has a lot of versatility and brings a lot of value to our attack."

"There are two or three forwards that are quite good - Aleksander Zwierzynski, Uday Arora and Marcos Quiroga. They are very dynamic and offensive-minded, which is a good thing because you need that if you're going to be goal-hungry."  

League1 - What are the objectives for Pro Stars Academy in the 2019 season?

Sam Medeiros - "The owner, Josef Komlodi, would like to see good balance up the spine of the team, do well in the league, and use the team to bring everyone out from the club and bring it all together." 

"My job is to take inventory at Pro Stars. Josef was very honest with me coming in and I'm looking to do the best I can through this year and really build everything up for the future. I'm really working here to do the best possible job I can to help Josef build upon the good work they have been doing."

"Our first job is to put a standard and culture in place and use that as a base to develop players and move them into the first team of the academy. There is some very good talent in the academy and our job is to build a vision for those players to come through and play in the first team at League1 level and showcase them for the professional level above in CPL." 

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