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Match Preview: FC Oshawa v DeRo United FC

05/04/2019, 5:00pm EDT
By League1 Ontario staff

"In our final women's match of Day Two, we get our first Live Stream of the season and essentially a 2019 debut for two teams - one that is hosting their first ever League1 match, and the other that is an entirely new team at this level."

The sixth League1 Ontario season rolls out this weekend, featuring 15 matches across both men's and women's divisions. Come and see if you can pick out future Canadian stars!  

In our final women's match of Day Two, we get our first Live Stream of the season and essentially a 2019 debut for two teams - one that is hosting their first ever League1 match, and the other that is an entirely new team at this level.  

FC Oshawa will host De Ro United at Civic Field, Oshawa on Saturday May 4 (7 p.m.). 

FC Oshawa women join League1 for their debut season in 2019, but not all parts of the club are unfamiliar.

Former Durham United FA and Toronto Blizzard head coach, Ron Clarke, once again takes the reins for the technical staff and will certainly know what is required to do well in League1.  

League1 - You have a new team coming in but you are very familiar with the league and the level of play. Who are some players you could highlight for us to watch at FC Oshawa? 

Ron Clarke - "I'm fortunate to have a coaching staff that have all coached in League1 for many years as well, so we all know the environment we are stepping into."

"We have quite a few players that are currently playing in the NCAA and USports that are coming in this season, and then we have some veteran players like Sarah Forde, Simone Chioto.

"Chioto, for example, is a young, talented player that is playing at the University of Eastern Michigan and coming off her freshman season. I think she is going to be an impact player for us." 

"Alyssa Smith is going to be our captain this year. She has been a leader her whole career. She was the team captain at Central Michigan and the captain since she came here to FC Durham."

"She's just a true leader. She's the whole package of someone that played at a high level in university, came back and playing in League1. She's the one that will hold us and keep our players grounded at the same time." 

De Ro United go into their second League1 Ontario season in 2019 but it might as well be a debut. 

The entire team has been changed up from 2018, as well as the coaching staff. 

Incoming is a well-known North Toronto coach, Marko Milanovic, and a 2002 team that has won everything there is to win at the youth level in Ontario. 

League1 - It's your club's second year in League1, but to all extents and purposes it is a brand new beginning for you as a new coach, and with a completely new group to the league. 

Who are some players in this group to highlight so people can watch out for them?

Marko Milanovic - "Most of the players are 2002 born players, which I'm sure will make us one of the youngest teams in the league if not the youngest. But I have worked with this group since they were 10 or 11 so I can say they know each other well." 

"Some of the players we could highlight:

Jasmine Vilgrain is one of them. She has been to youth national camps was part of the REX program recently. Will play as a holding mid, a six for me. She's committed to Ohio State. Calm, good on ball, both feet, athletically solid. Definitely someone to watch. 

Olivia Bizzoni is an attacking midfielder and she can play anywhere in the middle. She has great creativity, especially in final third. She is committed to University of Buffalo. Played for Ontario 15, 16,17. Very dynamic and fun to watch. 

Nicola Golen is a 2003 player and I don't think she has turned 16 yet. She is committed to University of Pittsburgh, also represented Ontario. I could see her playing internationally. She is definitely a player to watch. 

Chantal Parker is also committed to University of Pittsburgh. Was always a top scorer OPDL, scored winning goal in Charity Shield last year. Very hard worker, lots of pace and ability. Another one that could have a very good year. 

There is another 2003 player that I think has gone under the radar. Her name Jade Abreo and she's always played up and often started. I would say she's also an impact player and another player I think needs a closer look."

League1 - So you know the league well, but it's a brand new club you're at and in a debut season. What objectives have you set in this situation?

Ron Clarke - "Well, we have a tonne of young talented kids that we feel are going to make an impact." 

"We've also got balance. I would say nine of our core players are over the age of 22. I would say 60 per cent of our players are still playing college and university, and then we'll have a much smaller percentage that are 17 or 18 and will be used more as call-ups."

"For us to be successful, we need to have players that have played in the league and we have three or four that have done that in the past too. They are going to have to bring the leadership we'll need to succeed." 

League1 - You have a young team, and are in a new league, but you're proven winners. What is your team's objective?

Marko Milanovic - "It's a team that won pretty much everything there is to win at the elite youth level. We won the cup, the league, the Charity Shield in OPDL."

"Even though we are coming in as probably the youngest team in the league, our objective is still to win and to win as many games as possible. I think that comes because of the previous experiences and how successful the girls were as youth players. It's their first time in an adult league, but the goals remain the same." 

"It will also prepare them well for collegiate level. Several players are already committed to NCAA DI schools, and we have another seven that are deciding and getting a lot of interest. Playing League1 will be really great preparation for them and what they can expect at that post-secondary DI level in the U.S." 

"We're going to be brave and play out from the back and we plan to play by a style that hopefully people will come and watch. I plan to stand by that, regardless of the results."

"Finally, I would say to any university coaches or national team coaches should come and watch us with all these U17 players. They do play the right way and have been the top group for some time at the youth level. I think it'll be a great showcase." 

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